Word Part Video Challenge

ISANA 10 Week Word Part Challenge

Goal of the Word Part Challenge:

To enhance students’ sense of confidence and ability in making sense of unfamiliar vocabulary they come across by teaching word parts using a research-proven, culturally-relevant lens.

To empower ISANA educators to make small shifts in their mindset and acquire specific skillsets towards learning new vocabulary by using a research-proven, culturally relevant lens, which will impact student success in all content areas, but particularly ELA and Math.

Anticipated Results:

To increase students’ mindset and skillset in understanding unfamiliar words, as well educators’ mindset and skillset in teaching unfamiliar words, so that we will see a 10% increase in students on grade level in the domain of Vocabulary by Diagnostic 3. (aka 10% decrease in students below grade level).

How do I participate in the Word Part Challenge?

Say and commit to the ISANA Vocabulary Mantra:

    • I AM a word detective!
    • I CAN figure out what unfamiliar words mean!
    • I HAVE mental maps of words already!
    • I WILL read each day!

Word Part Detective Journal: Go on a hunt for this week’s word part! Research shows that when we encounter a word 15-20 times, our brains commit it to memory. Use The Word Part Detective Journal form to record your detective work and submit it on this page to win a prize!

i-Ready Weekly Instruction: Complete your weekly i-Ready Path for 60 minutes a week in ELA and in Math, and pass the quizzes with 70-100% accuracy! This will expose you to new words! Use the strategy that i-Ready teaches of of looking inside a word, around a word, and beyond a word to figure out unfamiliar words.

Share Your Knowledge or Word Part Challenge Video: Your brain holds a lot of knowledge already! You already have strong concepts of words from your life at home and in your community, and you can bridge those words to academic words. When you connect what you are learning to something you already know, it’s easier to remember. Share this knowledge with someone at school or showcase your skills by submitting your own Word Part Challenge Video on this page!

Daily Reading: Read for 30 minutes a day – you’ll be amazed at how many new words you encounter!


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