Shine Bright Moments

ISANA scholars always SHINE bright, and throughout the school year, we want to highlight all those moments – good deeds, random acts of service – that embody kindness, gratitude, empathy, and compassion. We also want to showcase and celebrate your accomplishments, both big and small, personal and educational. This includes important milestones and accolades like learning how to ride a bike or mastering shoe tying, reading a higher grade level book, receiving an award for community service, helping a neighbor in the garden, and volunteering. All those personal victories, wins, achievements! We’re calling these SHINE Bright Moments, and our goal is to not only show others just how exceptionally talented, kind, giving, adventurous, brave, and successful every member of our school community is, but to also encourage and inspire others to shine a bright light on themselves!

Please be sure to capture those moments and share them with us at Remember to include a brief description and we’ll post your snapshots on our website and social media channels.


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