ISANA Vocabulary Mantra

[eikra-vc-title style=”style3″ title=”Say and commit to the ISANA Vocabulary Mantra:” subtitle=”I AM a word detective!
I CAN stretch my brain!
I HAVE unique experiences!
I WILL read each day!”]
[eikra-vc-info-box icontype=”image” title=”I AM a word detective” image=”3759″]Word Part Hunt: Go on a hunt for this week’s word part! Research shows that when we encounter a word 15-20 times, our brains commit it to memory. Use this form to record your detective work and submit it each Friday at 2pm to enter the weekly raffle![/eikra-vc-info-box][eikra-vc-text-button title=”” subtitle=”” button_text=”START YOUR HUNT”]
[eikra-vc-info-box icontype=”image” title=”I CAN stretch my brain” image=”3760″]i-Ready Weekly Instruction: Complete your weekly i-Ready Path for 45-60 minutes a week in ELA and in Math, and pass the quizzes with 70-100% accuracy![/eikra-vc-info-box][eikra-vc-text-button title=”” subtitle=”” button_text=”LOGIN TO iREADY”]
[eikra-vc-info-box icontype=”image” title=”I HAVE unique experiences!” image=”3761″]Word Part Challenge Video: Showcase your skills by making and submitting your own Word Part Challenge Video on the website![/eikra-vc-info-box][eikra-vc-text-button title=”” subtitle=”” button_text=”TAKE THE CHALLENGE!”]
[eikra-vc-info-box icontype=”image” title=”I WILL read each day!” image=”3763″]Daily Reading: Read for fun for 30 minutes a day! Use your strategy of looking inside a word, around a word, and beyond a word to figure out unfamiliar words.[/eikra-vc-info-box][eikra-vc-text-button title=”” subtitle=”” button_text=”CHECK OUT SOME BOOKS!”]
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