Independent Study

Independent Study

ISANA Academies will be offering a Long-Term Independent Study (LTIS) program during the 2022-23 school year. The program, which will be made available to students in kindergarten through eighth grade, will further maximize student learning and support families seeking alternative education options.

At ISANA, we understand that children have different and unique learning needs and process and retain information in diverse ways. We also recognize the value of offering an alternative to traditional classroom instruction for families that prefer a home study program, but also desire consistent structure and curriculum, as well as regular interaction with qualified teachers and other students. Well, our LTIS program provides just that for interested students and families.

Our program will be administered by a dedicated, credentialed ISANA teacher using network-adopted curriculum with Edgenuity’s standards-aligned courses and will offer a combination of synchronous (live online instruction that takes place at a specific time) and asynchronous (online or paper assignments that students complete on their own time) instruction.

In general, the program is best suited for students who are personally invested in their learning, highly motivated to work independently, and who have a family member or caregiver who can assist in accessing learning, especially for younger students.

Independent Study Board Policies

Independent Study Written Agreement

Click HERE to read our ISANA Independent Study Board Policies.

Click HERE to download our Independent Study Written Agreement.

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