ISANA Academies

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ISANA Academies - Public Charter Schools

Innovative, Socially-Aware, Network of Achievers

[eikra-vc-text-title style=”style3″ title=”At ISANA…” button_text=”CLICK HERE FOR ENROLLMENT FORMS” button_url=”/enrollment”]We are creating a better world by empowering our scholars to be innovative, socially-aware, network focused achievers.  Whether in the classroom or online, our academic program will challenge the intellect, provide social-emotional support, and champion diversity, equality and inclusion.[/eikra-vc-text-title]
[eikra-vc-text-title style=”style3″ title=””]As we start the 2020-2021 school year, our goal is not to “go back to normal” but rather to empower EVERY member of our school community to create a better, more equitable, more inclusive, more aware world.[/eikra-vc-text-title]
[eikra-vc-video background=”dark” title=”EXL Live featured on ABC7″ url=””]ISANA’s Director of Expanded Learning, Ms Gillis, discusses the success of EXL Live.[/eikra-vc-video]
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      Our SCHOLARS have been accepted to:

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      Board Agendas

      Would you like to view past and future board agendas? Click on the link below for a history of our meetings.

      Upcoming Board Meetings 

      Regular meetings at 6:00 p.m.

      Special meetings are announced here: ISANA Meetings on Demand

      Meetings locations will vary from school to school.

      Meetings will be held on the following dates:

      • August 24, 2021
      • October 19, 2021
      • December 14, 2021
      • February 22, 2022
      • April 19, 2022
      • June 14, 2022

      Board Resources & Policies

      Notification of ISANA Board Meetings

      Parents and community members are notified of ISANA Board meetings in compliance with the Brown Act.  All meeting agendas are posted at each school site and at ISANA’s administrative offices, as well as on the website.