We engage, challenge, and empower our scholars to reach their full potential.

We create a learning environment that respects, embraces, and celebrates diversity.

We offer educational experiences that nurture and develop our scholars’ social and emotional skills.

We provide innovative, hands-on, high-quality, after-school learning opportunities.

We encourage scholars to expand their imaginations and develop their unique artistic selves.

Our scholars are leaders creating a better, brighter tomorrow!

The skills, knowledge, and experiences gained at an ISANA school uniquely prepare our scholars to be leaders who will impact the world and create permanent and transformational change by being:

Hello ISANA Himalia Families,

I am honored to be back at ISANA Himalia, back in South LA, and serve as your principal once again! This school holds a very special place in my heart, and it’s truly a privilege to be part of a community where every educator strives to build positive, meaningful connections that support the academic and social-emotional growth of all our students.

We all know that student success is attributed to the partnership and the relationships we build within our school community, and this is more important today than ever. Our goal at ISANA Himalia is to work together to provide our students a learning environment that fosters success, creativity, community, and collaboration, and promotes a culture of kindness, inclusivity, and respect.

I thank you for being part of the ISANA Himalia family and I look forward to working with you, celebrating our many accomplishments, building on traditions of the past, and introducing lots of new, exciting, and innovative programs.

I wish you all an excellent school year! Go Huskies!

Patrick Stickley

Principal, ISANA Himalia Academy

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“My daughter is biracial (half Jamaican, half Salvadorian), and from day one, ISANA has welcomed her with open arms, allowing her to proudly embrace and celebrate her rich and vibrant cultural heritage. Every staff member treats her like family, and whether she’s greeted by a “Good morning” or a “Buenos días,” she knows that she is loved and supported, and that she can always be her true, authentic self.”
Nastassja Tyrell
ISANA Parent
“Every student, every family, every educator, is a special member of the ISANA family, and every day, when I walk into my school, I get to be a part of a community, make a difference in the lives of my students and their families, and work among colleagues – friends – who support, respect, and value each other.”
Jill Parago
ISANA Teacher
"Our experience as an ISANA family has been absolutely wonderful! There’s an unparalleled sense of community and school pride here. Our eldest daughter attended ISANA Nascent and her two younger siblings are now there too! The teachers have been amazing, the yard and front office staff are always welcoming, and we love the small school feel!"
Brigitte Agustin & Antonio Ruiz
ISANA Family

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