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We are just days away from the first day of school – Monday, August 15, 2022 – and I want to officially welcome our new and returning scholars and families to the 2022-23 school year.
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We’re officially one week away from the first day of school! We hope you’re as excited as we are to kick off a new school year full of learning!As a reminder, the first day of the 2022-23 school year is Monday, August 15.
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California Health Laws require that students entering the 7th grade must have a Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) booster prior to the first day of school. This includes current students, new students, and transfer students in both public and private schools.
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Special cloth alert. Always remember in the jungle there's a lot of they in there, after you overcome they, you will make it to paradise. Surround yourself with angels, positive energy, beautiful people, beautiful souls, clean heart, angel. How's business? Boomin.
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In the course we will work on two examples the first one is a full app with six pages and the second one is a car selling websites interface. When you complete the course you will be able to create any design you want whether it’s a website or an app or any web design using what you learned in the course.
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In every corner of our Middle School, our students explore their interests as they build a solid foundation of content knowledge, develop their social-emotional and leadership skills and increase their sense of global awareness. We encourage you and your daughter to visit the Middle School and experience the limitless energy, curiosity, humor, conversation and caring interactions that fill our classrooms.
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Tuition is for the highest grade offered and may have changed for the current school year. For more information, please contact the school.
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Board Agendas

Would you like to view past and future board agendas? Click on the link below for a history of our meetings.

Upcoming Board Meetings 

Regular meetings at 6:00 p.m.

Special meetings are announced here: ISANA Meetings on Demand

Meetings locations will vary from school to school.

Meetings will be held on the following dates:

  • August 24, 2021
  • October 19, 2021
  • December 14, 2021
  • February 22, 2022
  • April 19, 2022
  • June 14, 2022

Board Resources & Policies

Notification of ISANA Board Meetings

Parents and community members are notified of ISANA Board meetings in compliance with the Brown Act.  All meeting agendas are posted at each school site and at ISANA’s administrative offices, as well as on the website.