10 Tips For Going Back To School

Going back to school can be stressful for the whole family. Summer provides a needed break for everyone, however, with the lack of structure, it can wreak havoc when it comes back to returning to school.

The summer schedule and routine tends to be more relaxed and carefree with traveling, camps, and family vacations. The different change in environment from summer to school can be a challenging transition.

If you’re stressed about the upcoming school year, check out these 10 back-to-school tips for parents and kids!

[eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”1. Be Prepared When Transitioning Back-to-School”]Start your back to school shopping ahead. Purchased your school supplies early, so you are not stressed as the summer wraps up. Avoid scheduling camps and activities during the latter part of the summer, you do not want to be scrambling to get things done.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”2. Schedule Your Days”]It will be quite challenging to go from going to sleep late and waking up mid-day, to suddenly shifting into school mood. Implement a schedule a 1-2weeks before school starts to get your children back into the habit of going to sleep at a designated time and waking up earlier. The goal is to help them readjust their evening and morning routine.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”3. Provide Information to Your Child”]Let your child know what is new and what is changing. If you are attending a new school, research the school. You may want to schedule a summer visit to get both you and your child familiar with the new environment.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”4. Open Communication with Your Child”]To help ease the anxiety of the unknown have a family meeting about how the new school year is going to look like. You may have children entering kindergarten, middle school or high school for the first time. Talk to your kids about when the school day will start and end, and the expectations for them for the first week. Allow your children an opportunity to voice their concerns about school.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”5. Do Not Panic About School Starting”]You may feel overwhelmed about school starting, do not panic. Be optimistic about the upcoming change. Remember, the first week of school is always an adjustment period for everyone. During the first week, both the school and home environment will require some tweaking and modifications. So, if you feel some anxiety about it, remember you have an additional week after school starts.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”6. End Lousy Summer Habits”]It is easy to get into bad habits and hard to break out of them. Patterns such as staying up late, to unhealthy eating can be complicated to break. Start slowly, create a more structured meal plan and start incorporating healthier snacks to keep in the house, while purging the bad ones.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”7. Complete Summer Homework”]Wrap up with the summer reading list and add an additional book or learning activity to that list. Encourage your child to complete the reading list, so you’re not stressing the upcoming fall. Get their brain in the routine of acquiring information again.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”8. Screen Time”]Decrease your screen time slowly before school starts, also have a conversation about how the rules are different, and they may not even have an allotted time for screens during the school week.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”9. Do Not Overcommit”]Each year, offer the opportunity for children to learn from the previous mistake. If your child was struggling to complete home and extracurricular activity last year, do not commit them to more activities. Give children time to adjust to the new school term, before adding on additional tasks.[/eikra-vc-text-title][eikra-vc-text-title style=”style2″ title=”10. Remember to Talk About Safety”]When it comes to back to school, parents are also concern about the safety of their children while they are at school. Be vigilant and review the safety protocols that the school has in place, ask questions if you don’t understand.

Have a conversation with your child about school safety protocols. Remember to remain calm when you are having this conversation.

The most important thing is to remember to be present and have a fun and successful school year.[/eikra-vc-text-title]

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